"Homeland" to sell...

On 9 November appointed another (open-ended and closed for application) the auction for the sale of municipal property, held by the Committee on management of municipal property of administration of AMO.At this time, the sale totaling 76 million 30 thousand rubles exhibited three objects. This is a non-residential building No. 28 in block 47 and house number 9 in the block 51, and the cinema "Rodina".Recall that "homeland is up for sale for the third time, but the buyer for such a large chunk of municipal property is not. As did 46 million rubles need to shell out.As explained by the head of Department of municipal property management KUMI Angarsk district Olga ORLOVA, despite the fact that "homeland" put up for auction, not for the first time, to reduce the initial cost of an object in order to sell faster, they are not allowed.Apparently, on that it and "homeland", not to be sold.Natalia OZHOGINA. . . Читать полностью -->

In Irkutsk will be a new mayor

In Irkutsk will be a new mayor  October 11, passed elections of heads of municipalities and members of the legislative authorities in Irkutsk region. According to the head of the electoral Commission of the Irkutsk region Lyudmila SHAVENKOVA, the assessment of the elections is ambiguous.The victory on elections in the Duma of Irkutsk won the party вњUnited Russiaвќ. From 35 seats to the candidates from this party got 32, two seats in the municipal Parliament is a self-nominated candidates, one representative of the party вњFair Russiaвќ. The largest number of seats went to candidates from вњUnited Russiaвќ in the remaining regions and municipalities of the region.- In Irkutsk the composition of the new Duma 63% duplicates the Duma of the previous convocation, - said Lyudmila Shavenkova. - And in Usole-Sibirskoe only one Deputy was able to confirm his parliamentary mandate.At the end of last week there were gubernatorial decree on the appointment of a Senator from the region in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the mayor of Irkutsk Vladimir YAKUBOVSKY. Recall, a vacancy in the Council of Federation appeared in July of this year, when Mezentsev released this place, entered the office of the head of our region.The Governor has surprised not only the public, which almost betting on the mayor of Irkutsk did not do, but the Jakubowski. Читать полностью -->

The mother followed by a capital

The mother followed by a capital  The pension Fund began accepting applications from owners certificate for the mother (family) capital on all three fronts: to improve housing conditions, education of children or the cumulative part of pension of mother.The condition of receiving one - child turned 2 years 6 months (second and subsequent children born in early 2007).To dispose of means of the parent capital in the first half of 2010, when the child turns 3 years, from July 1 to October 2009, the certificate holder can apply.As explained in our newspaper Angarsk branch of the Pension Fund of the Irkutsk region, the certificates for maternity capital has already received about 1.5 thousands of Angarano.Elena KLIMOVA. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The pothole was filled in

The pothole was filled in  The hole formed in the street of the World (here) during the "rain" shower July 21, fell asleep the next day when everything has dried.We will remind that it already the third hole, which is formed on part of the road, just a year ago survived a major repair with replacement of heating. Why is this happening?The explanation is simple в“ misses. Technology after excavation it is impossible to lay asphalt, because no matter how utrambovyvaya the ground, it will still settle at least a year. The mind that's the time to asphalt. But who can wait the time frame, when there is a need to report on the executed repairs and to present the acceptance fee marketability? Here and continue to pour money into the pit.Inna RUKOSUEVA,photo of Nicholas STERNIN. . Читать полностью -->

Tyumenev Oleg

Tyumenev Oleg  Since 1981 after graduating from ISU resides in Angarsk. He worked in the newspaper "electrical engineer", radioresistant at a ceramic factory. In 1984 he was the editor of the factory newspaper circulation "electrical engineer". In 1986 he went to work in the newspaper "the Banner of communism head of Department. Since 1990 as a result of alternative elections became the editor of the newspaper "the Banner of communism, and in September of the same year the newspaper "Time". Was a member of the last Council of people's deputies and the first Deputy of the city Duma.. Читать полностью -->

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